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Subject field(s)
  • Maritime Organizations
  • Maritime Law
  • Foreign Trade

Two or more shipping lines operating a service in common between designated geographical areas.


The lines agree on a set of freight rates and any special rates for shippers and each line charges the same as the others. The ships used are of types suitable for the trade. Unlike tramp shipping where freight rates are a function of daily supply and demand, conference rates are relatively stable: base rates are altered by means of a general rate increase which in many cases is once a year. Lines in a conference are governed by the rules of membership which may include rights to load or discharge at certain ports and pooling of cargo.


shipping conference: term standardized by CGSB [Canadian General Standards Board].


  • Organisations maritimes
  • Droit maritime
  • Commerce extérieur

conférence de navigation : terme normalisé par l'ONGC [Office des normes générales du Canada].


Campo(s) temático(s)
  • Organizaciones marítimas
  • Derecho marítimo
  • Comercio exterior

Agrupación de líneas marítimas que hacen una misma ruta, y que se ponen de acuerdo con la finalidad de informar y estabilizar los fletes y suministrar los servicios en las condiciones de explotación que se fije para esa ruta, se le denomina Conferencia Marítima, Conferencia de Fletes o Conferencia Naviera.


La conferencia es pues un oligopolio que elimina toda competencia, no solo de fletes, sino en condiciones de prestación del servicio, en tal forma que el usuario no tiene ninguna alternativa para buscar fletes más económicos ni para lograr un mejor servicio.

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