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Subject field(s)
  • Flight Instruments and Equipment (Aeroindustry)
  • Aircraft Piloting and Navigation

... [the] standby attitude indicator shall (a) be powered from a source independent of the electrical generating system; (b) be operative without selection after total failure of the electrical generating system; (c) continue reliable operation for a minimum of 30 minutes after total failure of the electrical generating system; (d) operate independently of any attitude indicator system; ...


The standby attitude reference system, comprised of the attitude indicator located on the extreme left center of the pilot's instrument panel and a 28 Vdc [volt direct current] emergency power supply, provide a visual indication of the aircraft flight attitude. The attitude reference system is designed to provide a standby attitude indicator that is powered by a source independent of the aircraft electrical generating system. The system will provide reliable attitude information for at least 30 minutes after a total failure of the aircraft electrical system.


... these functions were provided by three different instruments known as the standby altimeter, the standby anemometer and the standby horizon. These three instruments had their own array of sensors so that they were completely self-contained in the event of any serious breakdown of the main displays or instruments.


A primary goal of the current product is to perform as an emergency horizon in the event the primary flight display of the aircraft fails.

Key term(s)
  • stand-by attitude indicator
  • stand-by horizon indicator
  • stand-by attitude reference system


  • Instruments et équipement de bord (Constructions aéronautiques)
  • Pilotage et navigation aérienne

[...] l'indicateur d'assiette de secours doit : a) être alimenté indépendamment de la source principale d'alimentation électrique; b) continuer à fonctionner sans intervention humaine après une panne électrique générale; c) fonctionner avec précision pendant au moins 30 minutes après une panne électrique générale; d) fonctionner indépendemment de tout système indicateur d'assiette; [...]


horizon de secours : terme uniformisé par le Comité d'uniformisation de la terminologie aéronautique (CUTA) - Opérations aériennes.


Campo(s) temático(s)
  • Instrumentos y equipo de vuelo (Industria aeronáutica)
  • Pilotaje y navegación aérea
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