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  • Black Products (Petroleum)
  • Machine-Tooling (Metallurgy)

Straight Oil-usually refers to an oil used as an MRF [Metal Removing Fluid].


Soluble Oil MRF - a water-based (reducible) MRF [Metal Removing Fluid] composed of an emulsion of oil (or oil-like material) in water. It may or may not include performance-enhancing additives.


Metal Removal Fluid (MRF) - a fluid applied to a tool and workpiece while cutting or removing metal. This fluid may be water- or oil-based. Its principal functions are to cool the tool/workpiece interface, to provide lubrication, and to flush chips or contaminants generated in the metal cutting or removal process.


  • Produits noirs (Pétrole)
  • Usinage (Métallurgie)

Le rôle des lubrifiants pour le travail des métaux est de préserver de la corrosion à la fois les pièces usinées, les outils et la machine elle même .


Fluide d'usinage émulsionnable, soluble.


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