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  • Tectonics

The early structural history of the basin, from the deposition and/or emplacement of the oldest rocks, is poorly understood. The earliest rocks are difficult to study because the Lower Phanerozoic and Precambrian rocks are not exposed at the surface in North Dakota and only a few wells have penetrated these rocks.


The most obvious thing to do when trying to decipher the structural history of a formation is to describe it. One way of doing this is to measure the dip and strike. The dip is the amount a bed of rock is tipped from the horizontal. The strike is the direction which is ninety degrees from the dip, i.e. along the horizontal line on the bed.


structural history: term used at Natural Resources Canada - Earth Sciences Sector.


  • Tectonique

Le département a développé [...] des compétences en analyse microstructurale des lames minces (ASM, analyse d'image automatique de lames minces) permettant de mieux comprendre et caractériser les modifications des réseaux poreux en fonction de l'évolution structurale des bassins et des réservoirs [...]


évolution structurale : terme en usage à Ressources naturelles Canada - Secteur des sciences de la Terre.


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