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  • Atmospheric, Climatic and Meteorological Phenomena
  • Climatology

Vertical distance from base to top of the cloud.


An increase in the thickness of clouds as described by cloud liquid water content would generally increase the albedo of the clouds ... Greatest albedo change for given increase in liquid water is possible for relatively thin clouds since thick clouds are essentially saturated in brightness. Various suggestions have been offered as to how clouds might change with a warmer climate. A warmer atmosphere would hold more water vapour and possibly also more liquid water, hence cloud thickness could well increase.


The term "cloud height" can also refer to the "cloud altitude" or distance between the cloud base and the ground. See the record for this latter term as well.


  • Phénomènes météorologiques, climatiques et atmosphériques
  • Climatologie

Le soleil cesse d'être visible à travers un nuage bas ou moyen dès que l'épaisseur du nuage dépasse 100 m environ, et on voit que cette opacité apparente est essentiellement la conséquence de la diffusion opérée par le nuage.


La notion d'épaisseur est voisine de celle d'extension verticale, elle comprend cependant d'autres traits sémantiques (teneur en eau, par exemple) que la simple distance entre la base et le sommet du nuage.


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