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Subject field(s)
  • Radar, Radio Guidance and Goniometry
  • Advanced Technology Weapons
  • Photoelectricity and Electron Optics

A radar apparatus for a vehicle includes a casing, a correction member, and a selection indication. The casing includes a functional portion, which performs searching, and a reference surface. The correction member includes a plurality of correction surfaces. The selection indication indicates which one of the correction surfaces and the reference surface an attachment-direction adjustor is to be placed on during an attachment operation of the radar apparatus to the vehicle.


Naval Air Defence TMX/EO – Tracking Module with X-Band Radar and EO Sensors. Product Description. Highly dynamic three-axes tracking module equipped with X-band radar and EO sensors, i.e. TV camera, infrared camera, and laser rangefinder, for precision measurements of aerial, naval, and land- based targets.


The TMX-EO is equipped with a mono plus x-band radar and sensors for an integrated electro-optical line of sight, including an infrared camera, TV camera and laser rangefinder for passive target tracking.


The line has a straightener, a levelling zone and a new type of compacting calender for large production quantities with excellent compacting values.


  • Radar, radioguidage et radiogoniométrie
  • Armes de haute technicité
  • Photo-électricité et optique électronique

Radar et modules de cheminement électro-optiques : NT et Oerlikon TMX/EO Mk2 d'Oerlikon TMX/EO.


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