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Subject field(s)
  • Beverages
  • Brewing and Malting
  • Food Industries

In the bottleshop of a brewery, returned empty bottles go through washers in which they receive a thorough cleaning. After washing, the bottles are inspected electronically and visually, and pass on to the rotary filler. Some of these machines can fill up to 1,200 bottles per minute. A "crowning" machine integrated with the filler, places caps on the bottles. The filled bottles may then pass through a "tunnel" pasteurizer - often 75 feet from end to end and able to hold 15,000 bottles - where the temperature of the beer is raised about 60 degrees Celsius for a sufficient length of time to provide biological stability, then cooled to room temperature.

Key term(s)
  • conveyor pasteurizer


  • Boissons (Industrie de l'alimentation)
  • Brasserie et malterie
  • Industrie de l'alimentation

Pour bière en bouteilles et jus de fruits en cannettes.


Les machines sont adaptées aux différentes demandes des industries agroalimentaires.


Campo(s) temático(s)
  • Bebidas
  • Fabricación de cerveza y malta
  • Industria alimentaria
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