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  • Weather Stations and Meteorological Instruments and Equipment

A rotation anemometer in which the axis of rotation is horizontal.


[The] windmill anemometer [is] an anemometer in which a windmill is driven by the air stream, and its rotation is transmitted through gearing to dials or other recording mechanism. In some instruments, the rotating vanes and dials are in the same plane; i.e., both vertical, while in others the dial is horizontal. In the windmill type, the operation of air measurement involves readings of dials at the beginning and end of a measured period. Windmill instruments may be fitted with an extension handle, providing a form of remote control; used to measure air speed in an otherwise inaccessible spot.


The [windmill anemometer] has either flat vanes (as in the air meter) or helicoidal vanes (as in the propeller anemometer). The relation between wind speed and angular rotation is almost linear.


  • Stations, instruments et équipements météorologiques

Instrument de mesure de la vitesse du vent d'après la rotation d'un moulinet à axe horizontal.


anémomètre à moulinet. Deux types : à pales planes et à hélice, windmill anemometer (flat vanes or air meter; helical vanes or propeller anemometer).


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