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  • Weather Stations and Meteorological Instruments and Equipment

An anemometer which measures wind speed by means of the properties of wind-borne sound waves.


The measurement of high frequency fluctuations of wind can also be made with hot wire and sonic anemometers ... The sonic anemometer uses the difference in the velocity of propagation of two ultrasonic sound pulses, one moving with and one against the wind, to determine the wind speed. Sonic anemometers can detect wind speed fluctuations to about 50 Hz and 0.1 m/s.


sonic anemometer ... operates on the principle that the propagation velocity of a sound wave in a moving medium is equal to the velocity of sound with respect to the medium plus the velocity of the medium. The sonic anemometer is an absolute instrument and has the advantages of a very short time-constant and an absence of moving mechanical parts.


The acoustic anemometer uses the fact that wind affects the speed of a sound signal.


3-axis, 3-D, 3-dimensional, Gill, omnidirectional, solent, three-axis, three-dimensional sonic anemometer.


  • Stations, instruments et équipements météorologiques

Les anémomètres soniques basés sur la variation de la vitesse de propagation du son dans l'air en mouvement : le son se propageant plus vite dans le sens du vent que dans le sens opposé.


Anémomètre sonique mono-dimensionnel, Solent, tridimensionnel


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