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  • Vulcanology and Seismology
  • Geomorphology and Geomorphogeny

Volcanic craters are formed either by explosion or collapse. ... Collapse craters are formed when the pressure of the molten rock, or magma, inside a volcano can no longer support the weight of the rock or lava above it. This may happen after most of the magma has been drained away during an eruption of the volcano. The material that is no longer supported collapses into the space previously occupied by the magma, thus forming a crater. Well-known examples of collapse craters are found on the summit of Mauna Loa in the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park.


Eruption craters are sometimes difficult to distinguish from collapse craters, but it is usually possible to find a surrounding layer of material that has erupted from the crater.


  • Volcanologie et sismologie
  • Géomorphologie et géomorphogénie

Cratère [...] dû à la vidange d'une poche superficielle de magma qui en créant un vide provoque, en surface, un effondrement.


Le terme [...] «pit cratère», plus précis que celui de caldeira est donné aux cratères d'effondrement de petite taille, le terme [...] caldeira étant parfois réservé aux cratères d'effondrement de grande taille.


cratère d'effondrement : terme en usage à Ressources naturelles Canada - Secteur des sciences de la Terre.


Campo(s) temático(s)
  • Vulcanología y sismología
  • Geomorfología y geomorfogénesis

[La] caldera [Masaya] alberga un cráter activo, el Santiago, acompañado por un grupo de cráteres de colapso que demuestran una sucesión de diferentes centros de emisión.

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