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  • Farm Management and Policy
  • Rural Law
  • Plant and Crop Production

Plants and plant varieties are protected in Canada under Plant Breeders Rights (PBR); not under patents. PBRs are considered by many to be a much weaker form of protection given the extent of the significant exemptions which have no counterpart in patent law. For example, under what is commonly called "farmer's privilege", a farmer can save the seeds from a previous year's crop and plant them in the following years.


The PVPA [Plant Variety Protection Act] provides that there are certain exceptions to infringement, the most well-known being the "farmer's exemption" [which] provides that it is not an act of infringement: for a person to save seed produced by him from seed obtained or descended from seed obtained, by authority of the owner of the variety for seeding purposes and use such saved seed in the production of a crop for use on his farm, or for sale ... for other than reproductive purposes ...

Key term(s)
  • farmer privilege
  • farmer exemption


  • Gestion et politique agricole
  • Droit rural
  • Cultures (Agriculture)

Le privilège de l'agriculteur est le droit qu'a ce dernier de conserver du matériel végétal comme semences pour les saisons subséquentes (compétition entre les semences conservées par l'agriculteur et les semences fournies par les sélectionneurs), ce qui s'avérerait généralement une violation dans le cas du matériel breveté.


droit de l'agriculteur; privilège de l'agriculteur : termes extraits du «Glossaire de l’agriculture» et reproduits avec l’autorisation de l’Organisation de coopération et de développement économiques.


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