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Subject field(s)
  • Waste Management
  • Nuclear Waste Materials
  • Industrial Ceramics

... research at the Rockwell International Science Center has focused on developing a generic technology for the consolidation of high-level wastes into polyphase ceramics. The basic approach has been to tailor waste compositions with chemical additives so that upon consolidation a dense ceramic assemblage is formed that chemically binds the waste species into known phases.


Research trends in the USSR for the incorporation of highly radioactive wastes into glass and ceramics have been presented ...: phosphate and borosilicate glasses, composites such as glass-like materials embedded in metal matrices and glasses containing crystalline host phases for radionuclides are under investigation.


TiO2 - A ceramic matrix. ... the encapsulation of waste particles in a nonradioactive matrix has been used in a number of processes (e.g. Vitromet, glass in a lead matrix). However, in most cases metals were used as matrix materials because of their low melting points in comparison to ceramics.


See also "solidification" in TERMIUM.


  • Gestion des déchets
  • Déchets nucléaires
  • Céramiques industrielles

Certaines recherches portent sur le conditionnement des déchets de réacteur (cémentation des résines échangeuses d'ions, fusion des cendres d'incinérateur, etc.) mais l'effort majeur concerne les déchets de retraitement [...] : déchets de gainage (compactage sous pression élevée)[...], résidus de dissolution (solidification en matrice céramique), cendres d'incinérateur [...], déchets tritiés (immobilisation sous forme d'hydrite de zirconium) [...].


Campo(s) temático(s)
  • Gestión de los desechos
  • Desechos nucleares
  • Cerámicas industriales
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