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  • Urban Sociology
  • Urban Housing

An inhabitant of a predominantly residential area where, by reason of dilapidation, overcrowding, faulty arrangement or design, lack of ventilation, light, or sanitation facilities, or any combination of these factors, living conditions are considered to be detrimental to safety, health, and morals.


The thing about that last week of the war, in the mind of a 14-year-old London slum-dweller named Donald Wheal, was not the strange public mood of anxious hope, or the utterly blank canvas that was the future, or the sheer painful impossibility of daily life. It was the odour.


In English, "slum" may have two meanings: it can be either the deteriorated building or the area (neighbourhood) made of several such buildings.


slumdweller: This term is much more often found with a hyphen or a space between "slum" and "dweller".


  • Sociologie urbaine
  • Habitation et logement (Urbanisme)

La vie des habitants d'un îlot insalubre autour de la rue du Moulin de la Pointe (13e). Le commentateur raconte la vie de chacune des familles, leur travail, leur destin.


Considérant les baux emphytéotiques conclus les 31 janvier et 19 juin 1975 au profit de l'Office Public d'Habitations à Loyer Modéré [...] en vue du relogement d'occupants d'îlots insalubres sur des terrains d'assiette municipaux, le Conseil est appelé à constater [...]


Le terme «ilôt insalubre» est utilisé en France pour désigner un quartier urbain composé principalement de taudis.


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