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... because Ancient Madder is always beautiful, and what's more, it's being rediscovered. For the benefit of people who are not ancient, Madder is a deep, saturated rusty red dye that's derived from the Rubia plant. And fashion people apply the same term to other autumn shades - brown, navy, etc. - that are compatible with Madder. ... but G.J.Cahn has an update: he's bringing back Ancient Madder ... He's showing lightened-up tints in patterns that bring out Ancient Madder's modern best for Spring 1998.


Ancient madder: A term used for goods printed with madder colors in characteristic small, or foulard-type patterns or paisley designs. These may be identified by the standard colors which are used, which comprise only dull red, dull green, chocolate brown, dull medium blue and soft yellow.


Madder: A red dye, too, was extracted from the root of the madder plant. Madder, also used today as a dyestuff, was known from an antiquity ...


Printing: ... Mention should be made of the real ancient madder process of hand-block printing, which is perhaps the most beautiful of all (an example will be found in the silk foulard) It is an English process ...


Madder printing, usually associated with British tie silks of deep, subtle coloring and bloom, is a modern extension of the mordant-printing technique. It is so named because madder was originally used for the dye coloring ...


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Quelques notes concernant le madder : la teinture et l'impression naturelle de la soie au madder sont maintenant abandonnées. C'est un procédé qui utilisait des colorants naturels comme la garance et qui pouvait combiner simultanément certains traitements pour donner au-delà de l'aspect brillant, du gonflant et un toucher. Les cravatiers anglais utilisaient beaucoup ce traitement madder pour la soie.


[...] Ensuite, il y a l'exemple du madder qui a été largement utilisé en France pour la teinture des uniformes militaires. Les racines du madère [madder] doivent être recueillies lorsqu'elles ont trois ans [...] Ce que nous avons trouvé dans les teintures naturelles est qu'elles ont une bonne résistance à l'eau et à la transpiration mais que leur solidité à la lumière est épouvantable [...]

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  • imprimé au madder


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