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  • Paleontology

[The] family Obolidae [belonging to the inarticulate brachiopods, has members which are] rounded, suboval or elongate in outline, ornamented by growth lines rarely becoming lamellose or spiny; [the] propareas of [the] pedicle valve [are] well developed. [The] principal musculature consists of [an] umbonal muscle that may be partly or completely divided into two separate muscles, paired centrals, transmedians, anterior, middle and outside laterals. "Vascula lateralia" of both valves [is] baculate; converging slightly forward; "vascula media" of [the] brachial valve [is] commonly diverging from [the] anterior projection of [the] visceral area but [is] adequately known only in Obolinae. L. Cam.-U. Ord.


  • Paléontologie

[La] famille des Obolidae [est une famille de Brachiopodes inarticulés dont les individus ont] parfois une partie lisse de chaque côté du delthyrium (proparea). [Les] aires cardinales [sont] bien développées et striées. [Ils ont des] impressions musculaires et vasculaires bien marquées. Cambrien-Ordovicien.


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