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  • Psychology (General)
  • Mental Disorders

Drug psychoses: syndromes that do not fit the descriptions given in [the DSM-III-R, codes] 295-298 (nonorganic psychoses) and which are due to consumption of drugs (notably amphetamines, barbiturates and the opiate and LSD groups) and solvents ....


The English term "drug" has a less restrictive meaning than its French cognate "drogue". In English it not only conveys the meaning of any substance, whether legally available or not, which causes addiction, but also that of any substance intended for use in the treatment of a disease with or without a prescription. In French the primary meaning is that of an illicit substance, despite a more generic use found in legal contexts (Food and Drugs Act = Loi des aliments et drogues). Intrinsically more specific, the French favor the use of "produit pharmaceutique" and "médicament", as well as derivatives thereof, e.g. "pharmacodépendance, toxicomanie, etc. Consequently, in the case of "drug psychosis", the use of "drogue" (i.e. substance that causes addiction) is not entirely inappropriate, although instances of the term "pharmacopsychose" do exist. As for the term "drug psychosis syndrome", this term cannot be substantiated in any reliable source. Do not use the term "syndrome" when it is not necessary.

Key term(s)
  • drug psychoses
  • 292
  • drug psychosis syndrome


  • Psychologie (Généralités)
  • Troubles mentaux

Psychose chronique qui survient après des abus toxicomoniques de psychotropes.


Psychoses dues aux drogues : syndromes ne correspondant pas aux descriptions données sous [les classifications, codes 295-298 du DSM-III-R] (psychoses non organiques) et dus à la consommation de médicaments (notamment d'amphétamines, de barbituriques, d'opiacés, de substances du type LSD et de solvants) [...]


«Psychose due aux drogues» : terme employé dans le Manuel diagnostique et statistique des troubles mentaux (DSM-III-R), version française, ainsi que dans la Classification internationale des Maladies (CIM-9).

Key term(s)
  • 292
  • psychose due aux médicaments
  • psychose due aux produits pharmaceutiques
  • psychose due aux psychotropes


Campo(s) temático(s)
  • Psicología (Generalidades)
  • Trastornos mentales
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