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  • Space Exploration Equipment and Tools
  • Clothing

A jump suit containing water cooling tubes to keep body temperatures level.


To help the spacewalkers stay cool during an EVA [Extra-Vehicular Activity], researchers developed the liquid cooling-and-ventilation garment. The garment is a one-piece body suit with a zippered-front. Its soft nylon lining is covered with an additional layer of Spandex and a network of plastic tubing that surrounds the body. This tubing is used for cooling and ventilating the suit. A set of tubes is used to circulate cool liquid, while another set of tubes is used to transport sweat, carbon dioxide, and any other contaminants into the Primary Life Support System to purify the atmosphere within the suit.


liquid cooling-and-ventilation garment; LCVG: term and abbreviation officially approved by the International Space Station official approval Group (ISSOAG).


  • Équipement et outillage d'exploration spatiale
  • Vêtements

[Le] sous-vêtement de refroidissement et de ventilation au liquide (LCVG) [est] une combinaison thermale longue recouverte de tubes de plastique. Ces tubes servent à transporter des liquides froids partout sur le corps afin de maintenir une température confortable durant l'EVA [Extra-Vehicular Activity].


sous-vêtement de refroidissement et de ventilation à circulation liquide; LCVG : terme et abréviation uniformisés par le Groupe de travail de la terminologie de la Station spatiale internationale (GTTSSI).


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