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  • Games of Chance
  • Horse Racing and Equestrian Sports

A type of wager in which the bettor must select the first three finishing horses in precise order in a designated race in order to be entitled to a payoff.


In France, the most popular form of off-track wagering is the tiercé in which the better attempts to select the first three finishers in precise order.


In 1954, when the rest of the world was betting only the daily dobule and win-place-show, the French invented the Tiercé wager, whose objective is to try to pick the first three horses across the finish line, in order. In the U.S. this is known as the trifecta, and it's been available for no more than twenty years. The daily Tiercé race was televised nationally in France (it still is, almost every day) and a betting tidal wave ensued.


One of three types or bets in horse racing known as "combination wagers".


In the tiercé, the bettor will win a certain amount even if the betting order is incorrect.


tiercé: Term of French origin.


  • Jeux de hasard
  • Courses hippiques et sports équestres

Pari qui consiste à désigner trois chevaux d'une même course et à préciser leur ordre de classement à l'arrivée.


En courses montées ou en courses attelées, un des trois types de paris connus sous le nom de «paris combinés». On dit parfois «un trifecta» en sous-entendant le mot «pari».


Terme de courses de chevaux.


Dans le tiercé, le parieur gagnera un certain montant même si l'ordre des paris n'est pas respecté.


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