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Subject field(s)
  • Parliamentary Language

An order of the House to a committee instructing it to consider some matter or defining the scope of its deliberations. It may form a part of the Standing Orders or be specially adopted to deal with an issue as it arises.


When a select committee is appointed to consider or inquire into a matter, the scope of its deliberations or inquiries is defined by the order by which the committee is appointed (termed the order of reference), and the deliberations or inquires of the committee must be confined within the limits of the order of reference. But when a bill is committed, or referred, to a select committee, the bill itself is the order of reference ...


  • Vocabulaire parlementaire

Ordre de la Chambre à l'endroit d'un comité en vue de lui renvoyer une question aux fins d'étude ou de préciser la portée de ses délibérations. L'ordre de renvoi peut émaner d'une disposition du Règlement ou d'une décision de la Chambre.


Campo(s) temático(s)
  • Lenguaje parlamentario

Orden que la Cámara da a una comisión para encomendarle el estudio de una cuestión o precisar el alcance de sus deliberaciones.


La orden de remisión puede emanar de una disposición del Reglamento o de una decisión de la Cámara.

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