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CA Search and Chemical Abstracts are registered trademarks of the American Chemical Society. CHEMICAL ABSTRACTS® (File 204 of Dialog Database). The CA SEARCH®: Chemical Abstracts® database includes over 17 million citations to the worldwide literature of chemistry and its applications from 1967 forward. CA SEARCH corresponds to the bibliographic information and complete indexing found in the print Chemical Abstracts® published by CAS® (Chemical Abstracts Service). The controlled vocabulary CA General Subject Index Headings, related general subject terminology from the CA Index Guide, and CAS® Registry Numbers, each with its modifying phrase are included. Chemical substances are represented by CAS® Registry Numbers, unique numbers assigned to each specific chemical compound: corresponding substance information may be searched in the DIALOG chemical substance files such as CHEMSEARCHTM (File 398). All records from the 8th Collective Index (CI) period forward are contained in File 399; Files 308-314 contain records from the individual CI periods as indicated in the File Data.

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