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  • Launching and Space Maneuvering
  • Orbital Stations

The description of the Station's flight attitude (orientation relative to the plane of its orbit) is referenced to local-vertical/local-horizontal (LVLH) axes that are fixed with respect to the Station's near-circular orbit (i.e., not to the physical Station). The LVLH origin is at the Station's center-of-mass; the z-axis points radially toward the Earth's center (or toward the nadir direction), the x-axis points along the orbital velocity vector (the ram direction, with wake being opposite), and the y-axis completes the right-handed triad. The flight attitude of the Station is then described using a second, Station-fixed, coordinate system whose orientation relative to LVLH is specified using the Eulerian angles of yaw, pitch and roll. Several Station-fixed coordination systems are defined. The most widely used is the Space Station Reference Coordinate System, ... in thich the positive x-axis points along the axis of the U.S. lab away from the Zarya and Service Modules; the positive y-axis points starboard along the main truss, and positive z completes a right-handed coordinate system.


Station's flight attitude: term officially approved by the International Space Station official approval Group (ISSOAG).


  • Lancement et manœuvres dans l'espace
  • Stations orbitales

Iouri Onoufrienko et Dan Bursch, qui avaient enfilé des combinaisons spatiales russes Orlan, ont installé six écrans de protection autour des micropropulseurs qui servent à contrôler l'attitude de la Station et qui sont situés à l'arrière du module Zvezda.


attitude de la Station : terme uniformisé par le Groupe de travail de la terminologie de la Station spatiale internationale (GTTSSI).


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