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Advanced Gradient Heating Facility (AGHF) ... The AGHF supports the production of advanced semiconductor materials and alloys using the directional solidification process, which depends on establishing a hot side and a cold side in the sample (a temperature gradient). It provides an extremely stable temperature environment of up to 1,400°C, high-temperature gradients of up to 100°C/cm in the solidification zone, slow movement of the gradient across a sample to provide slow growth rates, efficient cooling through the use of a liquid metal cooling ring attached to the sample container, and Peltier pulse marking capability. The AGHF consists of three modules mounted in one side of a Spacelab double rack: the Core Facility Module contains the processing chamber with the furnace inside; the Electronics Module contains the controls and equipment necessary to operate the furnace; and the Gas Storage Module contains argon for chamber repressurization and sample cooling.


advanced gradient heating facility; AGHF: term and abbreviation officially approved by the International Space Station official approval Group (ISSOAG).


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Dans les conditions de microgravité de l'espace, il est possible d'éliminer nombre de ces imperfections produites sous l'effet de la pesanteur. Les chercheurs LMS [Laboratoire de mécanique des fluides] ont produit dans le Four perfectionné à gradient (GHF pour Gradient Heating Facility) des matériaux et des alliages de semiconducteurs de pointe selon la technique de la solidification directionnelle qui repose sur l'établissement d'une portion chaude et d'une portion froide à l'intérieur d'un échantillon (gradient de température).


four à gradient à haute température; AGHF : terme et abréviation uniformisés par le Groupe de travail de la terminologie de la Station spatiale internationale (GTTSSI).


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