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  • Building Elements
  • Air Transport

An anti-bird roosting device for protecting an area, comprising at least a pair of cooperating base elements mounted on the area to be protected, and a plurality of projecting spikes, supported on the base elements and projecting away therefrom into a space above the area to be protected. The spikes are provided in a pattern of interspersed combinations of vertical, obtuse and acute angle-forming projections, in a high spike density that prevents roosting in the protected space. Thus, each point in the area to be protected is defended by more than one spike, each spike coming from a different direction, so as to cross-defend each other, creating a perimeter envelope defense of the air volume surrounding the base elements. Each device is easily and inexpensively prepared as a continuous mesh, whose dimensions can be constructed in standard sizes or in accordance with the needs of the user. The element diameter is typically approximately two millimeters. The small element diameter makes the entire device hard to see from a distance so that it does not detract from the building's aesthetics.


Porcupine wire, typically marketed as Nixalite, prevents birds from perching and roosting on flat surfaces such as ledges and signs. ... Nixalite is a system of stainless steel strips that feature needle-like wire prongs. The prongs project from a 0.5 centimetre base and come in two lengths - 5 and 9.5 centimetres. Strips are available in either single (90°) or double (180°) radius.

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  • antibird roosting device
  • anti bird roosting device
  • antibird roosting spikes
  • anti bird roosting spikes
  • antibird roosting system
  • anti bird roosting system


  • Éléments du bâtiment
  • Transport aérien

Les bandes hérisson, habituellement vendues sous le nom de Nixalite, empêchent les oiseaux de se percher et d'aller dormir sur des surfaces plates comme les rebords des bâtiments et le dessus des panneaux. [...] Le Nixalite consiste en bandes d'acier inoxydable hérissées de piquants qui ressemblent à des aiguilles. Les piquants, qui font 0,5 centimètre à la base, sont fabriqués en deux longueurs : 5 et 9,5 centimètres. Les bandes sont offertes à rayon simple (90°) ou double (180°).


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