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Subject field(s)
  • Drainage and Irrigation (Agric.)
  • Sewers and Drainage
  • Soil Mechanics (Engineering)

Installation of band shaped drains.... is accomplished using a dragline, a hydraulic crane or a pile driver, provided with a hanging post, along which the introduction lance which is vertically leaded can move up and down.... The drain reel is placed in a store-house, which is attached to the scaffold and then conducted from this store-house over a guide roller by the introduction lance. At the end of the introduction lance, the drain is provided with an anchor plate.


The application of geotextiles for prefabricated drains. Until the seventies, vertical drainage systems were mainly being applied in the form of sand drains.


  • Drainage et irrigation (Agriculture)
  • Égouts et drainage
  • Mécanique des sols

Drainage vertical de consolidation (...) La capacité drainante du géotextile devra être compatible avec les quantités d'eau expulsées lors de la consolidation du sol (...) Pour des profondeurs n'excédant pas 15 m, on pourra (...) utiliser des géotextiles plats (...) les géotextiles sont mis en place sous forme d'une bande continue avec un équipement propre à chaque type de géotextile.


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