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  • Stock Exchange
  • Investment

Share into which the capital of a stock company is divided, without special rights or obligations. Ordinary shares entitle their owners to vote and receive an annual dividend after interest is paid to bondholders and preferential shares receive the agreed dividend.


Common shares are corporate securities that represent ownership in a company and give the stockholder a vote in the selection of management and a proportionate but unspecified claim on profits.


ordinary share: According to the sources consulted, in England "equity" is synonymous with "ordinary share".


The correct French equivalent is "action" in this context because "stock" and "share" are used interchangeably as a singular noun. However, "stock" is usually a collective noun, with "actions" as its French equivalent and "shares" as its synonym.


common share: term used in the context of the Strategic and Operating Review of the federal government of Canada.


ordinary share: term and definition reproduced from the CAPITAL Business Dictionary with the permission of LID Editorial Empresarial.

Key term(s)
  • equity


  • Bourse
  • Investissements et placements

Action accordant généralement à son titulaire le droit de voter aux assemblées générales ainsi que celui de participer, sans restrictions particulières, aux résultats de la société et à l'excédent de son actif sur son passif en cas de liquidation.


action ordinaire : terme en usage dans le contexte de l'Examen stratégique et fonctionnel du gouvernement fédéral du Canada.


Campo(s) temático(s)
  • Bolsa de valores
  • Inversiones

Parte en la que se subdivide el capital de una sociedad anónima sin derechos u obligaciones especiales. Las acciones ordinarias dan a su propietario el derecho a voto y el derecho a recibir un dividendo anual después del pago de los intereses a los obligacionistas y del dividendo de las acciones preferentes.


acción ordinaria: término y definición extraídos del CAPITAL Business Dictionary con la autorización de LID Editorial Empresarial.

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