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Subject field(s)
  • Paints and Varnishes (Industries)
  • Crop Protection
  • Ship Maintenance

Contact leaching paint, also known as hard-racing or long-life paints, are also free-association types but have an insoluble matrix. Continuous biocide release is generated by the high biocide concentration ensuring that biocide particles contact each other through the paint film. As surface biocide is released, microchannels are created which permit release of biocide from deeper in the coating. Biocide release rates decrease exponentially with time and effective life is again limited to periods rarely exceeding 18 months.


The products with a low level of rosin are hard and are referred to as contact leaching antifoulings. They are mechanically tough, have no polishing characteristics and commonly have a maximum in-service lifetime of 24 months (depending on in-service conditions and specification applied).

Key term(s)
  • hard matrix anti-fouling paint
  • hard anti-fouling paint
  • hard anti-fouling coating
  • long-life anti-fouling paint
  • long-life antifouling
  • hard racing anti-fouling paint
  • hard racing anti-fouling
  • contact leaching anti-fouling paint
  • contact leaching anti-fouling
  • insoluble matrix anti-fouling


  • Peintures et vernis (Industries)
  • Protection des végétaux
  • Entretien des navires

Les peintures antisalissures dures. Le terme technique pour ce type de produits antisalissures est «lixiviation par contact». Après l'application, le film de peinture sèche pour former une surface dure et poreuse que l'on peut poncer. Le film contient des biocides qui se libèrent au contact de l'eau pour empêcher l'apparition de salissures.

Key term(s)
  • peinture antisalissure dure
  • peinture antisalissure à matrice dure
  • peinture antisalissure à lixiviation par contact


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