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Subject field(s)
  • Types of Trade Goods
  • Foreign Trade

Consumer goods with a relatively long life span such as books, automobiles and appliances.


Consumer goods, like capital goods, can be categorized as nondurable or soft goods, expected to last less than three years (food, clothing, tobacco, gasoline), and durable goods, expected to last longer than three years (books, automobiles, appliances, furniture). Some authorities also use a third category, semidurable goods, which last from six months to three years (clothing, shoes, etc.).

Key term(s)
  • durable good
  • durable consumer good
  • consumer durable good
  • consumer durable
  • durable consumers'good
  • hard good
  • remote goods


  • Types d'objets de commerce
  • Commerce extérieur

Biens mobiliers, ayant une durée d'utilisation assez prolongée, par exemple meubles et appareils électroménagers.

Key term(s)
  • article durable de consommation
  • articles durables de consommation
  • bien durable
  • produit durable
  • bien de consommation durable
  • bien non fongible
  • article de consommation durable
  • bien d'usage durable
  • durable
  • produits durables
  • biens non fongibles
  • articles de consommation durables
  • biens d'usage durables


Campo(s) temático(s)
  • Tipos de bienes comerciales
  • Comercio exterior

Bienes de consumo con una vida relativamente larga tales como libros, automóviles y aparatos electrodomésticos.

Key term(s)
  • bien duradero
  • bien de consumo duradero
  • bien de uso durable
  • bien de uso duradero
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