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film cooling [2 records]

Record 1 1999-06-11


Subject field(s)
  • Thermodynamics
  • Physics

Heat transfer coefficients are shown as functions of downstream and transverse plate coordinates as determined experimentally for different blowing ratios near one and for levels of free stream turbulence from 1 percent to 17 percent of the free stream velocity. Heat transfer between the plate and the free stream is reduced by the film cooling at higher levels of free stream turbulence. Heat transfer is increased on the plate in the region between the film cooling jets at all levels of blowing ratio for one percent free stream turbulence. This undesirable augmentation of the heat transfer is modeled analytically and related to the axial vortices generated near the film cooling jet inlets. The strength of these vortices and the subsequent heat transfer increases are related to the blowing ration.


  • Thermodynamique
  • Physique

Refroidissement d'une surface portée à très haute température (aube de turbine, tête de missile, etc.) par projection continue sur cette surface d'une couche mince de fluide réfrigérant.


L'emploi de ce terme est recommandé par le Ministère de la défense de la France.


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Record 2 1980-04-30


Subject field(s)
  • Air Transport


  • Transport aérien

On introduit le refroidissement par gaine d'air (film cooling) sur la première rangée, puis sur la première roue chaude.


moteurs d'avions.


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