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gluteal flap breast reconstruction [1 record]

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  • Surgery
  • Cancers and Oncology

During gluteal flap breast reconstruction, a rounded section of skin and fat (and occasionally muscle) is removed either from the top of the buttock or at the crease along the underside of the buttock. After being transferred to the breast, the tissue is shaped to create the breast mound and is attached to the remaining breast tissue. Using complex microsurgical techniques, the blood vessels are reconnected to existing vessels in the area.


There are two forms of gluteal flap breast reconstruction available after mastectomy: the S-GAP and the I-GAP. S-GAP is an acronym for Superior Gluteal Artery Perforator ; S-GAP reconstruction uses tissue from the top of the buttock, which contains the upper gluteal artery. I-GAP stands for Inferior Gluteal Artery Perforator ; this method uses tissue taken from the crease of the buttock where the thigh and buttock meet and which contains the lower gluteal artery.

Key term(s)
  • buttocks flap breast reconstruction
  • buttocks flap mammary reconstruction
  • buttocks flap reconstruction


  • Chirurgie
  • Cancers et oncologie

Reconstruction du sein réalisée au moyen d'un lambeau de grand fessier qui est transféré au niveau du thorax pour recréer le volume du sein.


Campo(s) temático(s)
  • Cirugía
  • Tipos de cáncer y oncología

Intervención quirúrgica de reconstrucción en la que se utiliza un colgajo de las nalgas que se transfiere al pecho para crear un contorno de [seno].

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