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heating rate [2 records]

Record 1 1989-07-30


Subject field(s)
  • Industrial Techniques and Processes
  • Industrial Ceramics

Ceramic processing. ... The densification of the green products is done by "sintering", i.e., by heat treatment at higher temperatures ... The heat treatment conditions, such as sintering temperature, rates of heating and cooling and sintering times depend upon the chemical composition of the materials as well as the microstructure required.


  • Techniques industrielles
  • Céramiques industrielles

La diffusivité thermique des matériaux céramiques étant basse, il se forme en cours de cuisson d'une pièce des gradients de température d'autant plus élevés que le volume des pièces est plus grand et/ou que la vitesse d'élévation de température est plus rapide.


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Record 2 1986-03-31


Subject field(s)
  • Meteorology

References: "Parameterization of Clouds, Precipitation and Radiation for Forecast Models", Yves Delage, September 1979, and "Precipitation Forecasts at the Canadian Meteorological Centre", David Davies and Marvin Olson, July, 1972.


  • Météorologie


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