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  • Training of Personnel
  • Internet and Telematics
  • Education Theory and Methods

High-level skills are made up of basic skills. Without mastery of the basics working on the high-level skill is futile. ... If you agree on these two points you will also agree there really isn't such a thing as a high-level skill, just the ability to combine the basics. The whole point is that real skill at anything comes from mastery of the simplest elements - the basics. If you really want to get better at something don't look for the so-called "high-level" things to study look for the most basic things to master! This will get you results!


While all skills are inherently complex, we nevertheless tend to grade them on a scale from simple to complex, or from automatic and highly repetitive, on one extreme, to mostly conscious and non-repetitive, on the other -- though what is "simple" or "complex" seems to depend more on the performer than on the nature of the skill itself.


  • Perfectionnement et formation du personnel
  • Internet et télématique
  • Théories et méthodes pédagogiques

Ce faisant, l'Organisation a bien entendu continué à accorder une importance capitale au recrutement de personnes possédant les plus hautes compétences professionnelles et techniques, dont la sélection se fait sur une liste de candidats présélectionnés, jugés aptes à remplir les postes pertinents.


Le gouvernement fédéral, étant le plus grand employeur d'hommes et de femmes qui doivent avoir de hautes aptitudes professionnelles, a constaté que le régime de bourses est d'une valeur considérable pour le recrutement du personnel spécialisé dont il a besoin.


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  • Capacitación del personal
  • Internet y telemática
  • Teorías y métodos pedagógicos
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