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Passports are generally issued by states in favour of their own nationals according to the laws or regulations of the state concerned. Because of the importance attached to a passport, states invariably require their passport issuing authorities to establish the identity, allegiance and national status of the applicant beyond all reasonable doubt before issuing a passport. .... The conditions for issue of passports vary from state to state, but the criteria which are generally followed would appear to suggest that one of the matters to be taken into consideration is whether the person, who has applied for the passport, would be in a position to support himself while sojourning abroad. Another factor which has assumed prominence in modern times is the political beliefs and affiliation of the person concerned.


  • Documents officiels

Par délivrance d'un passeport, il faut entendre l'établissement et la remise de ce document à une personne qui n'en a jamais détenu ou qui ne peut présenter celui dont elle a été antérieurement titulaire.


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  • Documentos oficiales

Expedición del pasaporte. Es el acto en el cual el ciudadano [...] solicita por vez primera un pasaporte ordinario. Una vez otorgado el documento, éste tendrá una validez de cinco (5) años, a partir de la fecha de su expedición.

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