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Subject field(s)
  • Personnel Management (General)
  • Management Theory
  • Job Descriptions
  • Corporate Structure

In contrast to procedures of breaking down jobs into elements of minimum content, as typified by Taylorism, job enlargement is a procedure whereby equivalent jobs are amalgamated into a single job. Its effect is to create an aggregated job, previously divided among several positions and posts, which is characterised by increased autonomy and discretionary scope.


Sometimes incorrectly considered as a synonym for "job enrichment".


  • Gestion du personnel (Généralités)
  • Théories de la gestion
  • Descriptions d'emplois
  • Structures de l'entreprise

Conception de l'organisation du travail qui vise à intégrer horizontalement certaines tâches apparentées, de façon à accroître la diversité du travail à accomplir.


Campo(s) temático(s)
  • Gestión del personal (Generalidades)
  • Teorías de la gestión
  • Descripciones de las funciones de los cargos
  • Estructura de la empresa
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