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  • Anti-pollution Measures

Lean/rich exchanger: Sensible heat from the lean amine is used to heat incoming rich amine to maximize heat recovery.


In the MEA [mono-ethanol amine] process ... the gases go to the absorption column where the carbon dioxide binds to the solvent chemically. Most of the CO2 is thus removed from the exhaust gas that is released to the atmosphere and the reach solution (i.e. the solution containing the absorbed CO2) flows to a lean/rich heat exchanger: here the hot lean solution, coming from the stripper column (regenerator), cools itself giving out its heat to the rich solution, which then goes to the regenerator.

Key term(s)
  • lean rich heat exchanger
  • lean rich exchanger
  • lean-rich exchanger
  • lean rich amine exchanger
  • lean-rich amine exchanger
  • lean/rich amine heat exchanger
  • lean-rich amine heat exchanger
  • lean rich amine heat exchanger


  • Mesures antipollution

Échangeur de chaleur amine pauvre-riche: La chaleur sensible de l'amine pauvre est utilisée pour chauffer l'amine riche afin de maximiser la récupération de chaleur.


Composant du système de captage CO2 de Cansolv Technologies inc.

Key term(s)
  • échangeur de chaleur amine pauvre riche


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