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  • Aircraft Airframe

Overwing exits are found on passenger aircraft to provide a means of passenger evacuation onto the wing, where they either continue off the trailing edge by sliding down the extended flaps or by using an evacuation slide that deploys when the exit is opened. Overwing exits are smaller in width and height than standard emergency exits on an aircraft, and therefore have a reduced evacuation capacity, and are typically added to aircraft where there is insufficient evacuation capacity at the main doors to obtain a 90 second evacuation, but where the addition of another set of full sized exits is not necessary to accomplish this. Overwing exits are primarily self-help exits meaning that in an emergency evacuation the passengers seated immediately adjacent to the exit will be responsible for assessing for external hazards and opening the exit.

Key term(s)
  • over-wing exit
  • over-wing emergency exit


  • Cellule d'aéronefs

La cabine [Saab-Fairchild 340] comporte trois issues de secours en plus de la porte d'accès : une porte sur le côté droit face à cette dernière, et deux issues d'aile.


Il y a quatre issues de secours. Deux de chaque côté du fuselage au-dessus de la zone des ailes.


issue de secours aile : terme accepté par le Comité d'étude de la terminologie des cartes de travail du DC-9.


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