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  • Spacecraft
  • Launchers (Astronautics)

The Propellant and Pressurant Loading System (PPLS) consists of an evacuation system, tubing, valves, gauges and a weighing platform and is housed in a corrosion resistant manually mobile unit. All components that are in contact with the fluid are manufactured from hydrazine compatible materials, namely stainless steels (AISI 316 & 304L), PTFE and glass. In addition, all electrical components are certified explosion proof to comply with the required safety standards. The PPLS is designed to facilitate easy access for maintenance and operation. In addition, the unit also features a compartment for the storage of consumable items, tools, flexible hoses and sample cylinders. The moveable weighting platform permits the loading of large propellant systems up to 250 liters.


  • Engins spatiaux
  • Lanceurs (Astronautique)

On écrirait mieux «charriot».


charriot : Cette graphie, puisée des Rectifications de l'orthographe recommandées par le Conseil supérieur de la langue française, est attestée dans le Petit Robert (2004).

Key term(s)
  • chariot de remplissage et pressurisation ergols


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