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  • Soil Tests (Construction)
  • Soil Mechanics (Engineering)
  • Soil Science

The collection of basic facts about, and the testing of, surface and subsurface materials (including their physical properties, distribution, and geologic structure) at a site, for the purpose of preparing suitable designs for an engineering structure or other use.


Site investigations. The objective of most geotechnical investigations is to obtain information on the site and subsurface conditions that is required for design and construction of engineered facilities and for evaluation and mitigation of geologic hazards, such as landslides, subsidence, and liquefaction. The site investigation is part of a fully integrated process that includes: 1. Synthesis of available data 2. Field and laboratory investigations 3. Characterization of site stratigraphy and soil properties 4. Engineering analyses 5. Formulation of design and construction criteria or engineering evaluations.


Site investigation: as per MABUI 1982 ("Illustrated Dictionary of Building", by Paul Marsh), may not always include a subsoil investigation.


  • Essais du sol (Construction)
  • Mécanique des sols
  • Science du sol

Ensemble des investigations et essais, sur le site et au laboratoire, permettant l'obtention des données relatives aux propriétés physiques, mécaniques et hydrauliques du sol, nécessaires à l'étude d'un ouvrage.


La reconnaissance. Cette opération est faite en deux temps : la reconnaissance de la surface du terrain sur laquelle doit être édifiée la construction, et la reconnaissance du sol en profondeur.


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