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Subject field(s)
  • Algebra

A straight horizontal mark in mathematics placed over two or more members of a compound quantity and equivalent to parentheses or brackets about them.


Signs of aggregation: Parenthesis, (); bracket; brace; and vinculum or bar. Each means that the terms enclosed are to be treated as a single term. E.g., 3(2-1+4) means 3 times 5, or 15.


Parentheses. The marks "()", used to indicate that the enclosed expression is to be regarded as an individual part of a larger expression containing it. ... A less frequently used symbol is the raised horizontal line, or vinculum, as in "a+b". Parentheses and such variations are called signs of aggregation.


  • Algèbre

Signe mathématique qui isole une expression algébrique, qui équivaut à une mise entre parenthèses. De nos jours, on a abandonné l'emploi de ce signe au profit des parenthèses.


Parenthèse : Signe (), qui, isolant une expression algébrique, indique qu'une même opération s'applique à cette expression tout entière.

Key term(s)
  • vinculum


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