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Subject field(s)
  • Transmission Systems (Motor Vehicles and Bicycles)
  • Tracked Vehicles (Military)

Cross-drive transmission. ... This type of transmission is a combination transmission and steering unit for use on tracked vehicles. ... The cross-drive transmission provides hydraulic drive through a torque converter and contains the planetary gearing, steering mechanism, braking mechanism, and hydraulically operated clutches. The brakes are foot operated. The forward- and reverse-speed ranges and the steering are selected and hydraulically controlled from the driver's compartment. The transmission mounts crosswise in the vehicle and drives the two tracks through two flanges: the right output shaft flange and the left output shaft flange (right and left facing toward the front of the vehicle).

Key term(s)
  • crossdrive transmission
  • cross drive transmission
  • cross-drive unit
  • cross drive unit


  • Transmission (Véhicules automobiles et bicyclettes)
  • Véhicules chenillés (Militaire)

Transmission d'un genre particulier, employée sur les chars d'assaut et autres poids lourds et qui regroupe la boîte de vitesses, le convertisseur de couple, la direction et le différentiel.


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