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  • Animal Diseases
  • Horse Racing and Equestrian Sports

Perhaps the most widely recognized of all disorders affecting racehorses is "bleeding," or exercise-induced pulmonary hemorrhage (EIPH). We now know that most racehorses bleed at some time during their careers. In fact, many horses might bleed every time they undertake intense exercise, such as breezing and racing. We also know that bleeding can occur in situations other than flat racing. For example, EIPH has been detected in three-day eventers, steeplechasers, and polo ponies, among others. Bleeding has even been observed in draft horses pulling heavy loads. The common denominator is strenuous exercise.


Epistaxis is seen in a small proportion ... of horses with [exercise-induced pulmonary hemorrhage].

Key term(s)
  • exercise-induced pulmonary haemorrhage
  • exercise-induced pulmonary haemorrhaging


  • Maladies des animaux
  • Courses hippiques et sports équestres

L'entraînement intensif du cheval de course a pour conséquence une pathologie pulmonaire fréquente. Il s'agit d'une hémorragie pulmonaire à l'effort, signalée par la présence de sang soit au niveau des naseaux, soit limitée à la trachée, après un travail intensif (course). Chez de nombreux sujets, l'affection s'accompagne de contre-performances spectaculaires [...]


épistaxis : L'usage de ce terme devrait être réservé à la désignation d'un saignement de nez.


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