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Subject field(s)
  • Drainage and Irrigation (Agric.)
  • Irrigation (Civil Engineering)

A type of sprinkler fixed in position, having no moving parts and capable of dispersing water in a full part circle or square patterns.


Sprinkler irrigation: The application of water to the soil for the benefit of present crops. Water is projected outward through the air by above-ground applicators to reach the soil in droplet form that approaches rainfall. Applicators commonly used are rotary or fixed sprinklers, oscillating pipe or perforated pipe.


Sprinkler irrigation. Basic sprinkler types include rotating sprinklers and stationary spray-type nozzles. Rotating sprinklers, such as the slow-rotation, impact-driven sprinkler, are most commonly used. Fixed-spray nozzles are becoming more popular, although they are used most often for landscape applications because their application rates are very high.


nozzle. As per the source Internet, www.aom.ufl.edu/aom3734/handouts/Lecture12.doc, a "nozzle" is one part of a "sprinkler" but in other consulted sources, the term is also used as the whole.

Key term(s)
  • fixed-nozzle sprinkler
  • stationary spray type nozzle


  • Drainage et irrigation (Agriculture)
  • Irrigation (Génie civil)

L'appareil à basse pression le plus fréquemment utilisé pour l'irrigation en grande culture est l'asperseur [...] qui est un ajutage avec ou sans brise-jet, piqué sur la canalisation ou placé à l'extrémité d'un support vertical; il peut être fixe ou muni d'un dispositif à palette oscillante qui, sous l'action du jet, provoque la rotation de l'appareil.


Irrigation par aspersion [...] Elle comprend de nombreuses techniques qui diffèrent par : - la nature de l'asperseur : à jet fixe (diffuseur) ou à jet rotatif. [...] - le fonctionnement de l'asperseur à poste fixe ou en déplacement (appareil à pivot central, canon automoteur).


Campo(s) temático(s)
  • Drenaje y riego (Agricultura)
  • Riego (Ingeniería civil)
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