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Subject field(s)
  • Wastewater Treatment

Process of treatment provides rapid sorption and adsorption of pollutants working in high load regime. After sludge moves for the regeneration in the special unit. Sludge separation is done in the clarifier equipped with thin film modules. Portion of sludge circulates between biosorber and sludge blanket into clarifier. Mostly sludge with the special equipment is removed from clarifier and pumped to regenerator. Biosorber and regenerator is equipped with plastic media. Fixed biocenosis is characterised by lot of microorganisms with the predator and bacteriofaque type of feeding (much more than in suspended sludge)... Mineralizator. Vertical cylinder-shaped reservoir equipped with aerators, plastic media thin film modules, pumps, electric equipment and automation. Reservoir is divided by semi-submersed partition walls forming clarifier. Mineralization of sludge takes place in aerobic conditions. Excessive sludge supply to mineralizator is continuous due to clarifier. Sludge water by gravity enters reactor. Due to plastic media using in the sludge mineralization trophic conditions for upper level of food pyramid is completed. Thus considerable part (90 - 95%) of excessive sludge is reduced due to complete trophic relations. Mineralized sludge mainly consists of zooglea, protozoa, metazoa and bacteriophagus which are perfect food for fishes fry. If sludge has not accumulated toxic substances, it can be discharged into any water bodies.


  • Traitement des eaux usées

Éléments sédimentés en cours de minéralisation dans un milieu naturel, qui ne sont plus susceptibles d'évolution rapide.


La biocénose des boues stabilisées tend vers la biocénose des sols humides et des vases stabilisées (L'analyse écologique des boues activées, 1976, p. 57).


vases stabilisées; vases minéralisées : termes le plus souvent utilisés au pluriel.

Key term(s)
  • vase stabilisée
  • vase minéralisée


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