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  • Trucks and Dollies (Materials Handling)
  • Materials Storage Equipment

A stacking lift truck with outriggers, fitted with a fork, the arms of which are loaded between the outriggers and where the load centre of gravity is always within the stability polygon. [Definition standardized by ISO.]


The straddle truck can be considered a true non-counterbalanced vehicle because the load capacity and stability of this vehicle are obtained from outrigger arms that straddle the load, hence the name straddle truck. By maintaining the load within the wheelbase of the truck, a very small and stable vehicle is possible. Because the load must be contained between the straddles, this vehicle is not suited to extemely wide loads since the width across the straddles becomes excessive and increases the aisle requirement of the machine. Straddle trucks are available in both standup rider and walkie versions.


Narrow-Aisle (NA) Straddle Truck. Similar to stand-up CB (counterbalanced) lift truck, except outrigger arms straddle a load and are used to support the load instead of the counterbalance of the truck.


straddle truck: Not to be confused with "straddle carrier."


straddle truck: term standardized by ISO.


straddle type pallet stacking truck: term standardized by the British Standards Institution (BSI).

Key term(s)
  • straddle lift truck
  • straddle pallet stacking truck
  • narrow-aisle straddle truck


  • Chariots de manutention
  • Matériel de stockage

Chariot élévateur gerbeur à longerons porteurs muni d'une fourche dont les bras sont placés entre ces longerons et pour lequel le centre de gravité de la charge se trouve toujours à l'intérieur du polygone de sustentation. [Définition normalisée par l'ISO.]


On écrirait mieux «charriot».


charriot : Cette graphie, puisée des Rectifications de l'orthographe recommandées par le Conseil supérieur de la langue française, est attestée dans le Petit Robert (2004).


chariot à fourche entre longerons : terme normalisé par l'ISO et par l'AFNOR.


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