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  • Atmospheric, Climatic and Meteorological Phenomena
  • Search and Rescue (Paramilitary)

[Avalanche Victim Search.] The initial search involves a fast scan of the entire area where victims might be found (that is, from the last seen point, within the perimeters of the avalanche, and in the deposition areas). It concentrates on likely areas of burial in addition to listening for transceiver signals and looking for clues on the surface. Initial searchers should be equipped with transceivers, probe, and shovel as well as a few wands if available. Do a visual search for clues on the surface (that is, hand, foot, clothing, and equipment). Call out occasionally and listen for responses from victims. Pull any items found out on the snow to see if a victim is attached. Mark the location of found items and bring them to the attention of the rescue leader. Listen carefully for transceiver signals in these locations. (If victims were not wearing transceivers or if is unknown whether transceivers were used, quickly probe the area around found items.) If a transceiver signal is found, carry out a transceiver search. If there is more than one person buried, the initial search continues to look for visual clues, etc.


  • Phénomènes météorologiques, climatiques et atmosphériques
  • Recherche et sauvetage (Paramilitaire)

Un examen visuel de la surface afin de repérer tout indice éventuel devrait être effectué avant la recherche avec ARVA [appareil de recherche de victime d'avalanche] ou par sondage.


Recherche avec un groupe équipé d'ARVA [appareil de recherche de victime d'avalanche] [...] Il est préférable, pour des raisons d'efficacité, de consacrer une partie des sauveteurs à des recherches préliminaires de surface : recherches auditives, recherche visuelle d'indices (vêtements, équipement), sondage sur les zones préférentielles.


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