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Subject field(s)
  • Environmental Studies and Analyses
  • Effects of Heat (Energy Transfer)
  • Characteristics of Coal
  • Chemical Engineering

Those products, exclusive of moisture, that are liberated by a material as gas and vapor, determined by definite prescribed methods which may vary according to the nature of the material.


In the case of coal and coke, the methods employed are those prescribed in ASTM Designation D271.


The residue is termed a coke button (in French: "bouton de coke").


It is often difficult to determine the exact cause of digester problems. Monitoring volatile solids loading, total gas production, volatile acids concentration in the digesting sludge, and percentage of carbon dioxide in the head gases are the methods most frequently employed to give advance warning of pending failure.


A sample is heated to approximately 900°C so that all the oxygen, hydrogen, sulfur and nitrogen are released as volatile matter (VM). The amount of residual char remaining is inversely proportional to the volatile matter and is called the amount of fixed carbon (FC).


volatile solid: usually used in the plural, collectively.

Key term(s)
  • volatile solid


  • Études et analyses environnementales
  • Effets de la chaleur (Transfert de l'énergie)
  • Caractéristiques des charbons
  • Génie chimique

Le contrôle régulier de la réduction des matières volatiles réalisée par la digestion est, avec celui de la quantité de gaz produit, la valeur chiffrée la plus aisée d'emploi pour l'établissement de statistiques de fonctionnement d'un poste de digestion.


matières volatiles; substances volatiles : pluriels d'usage.

Key term(s)
  • matière volatile
  • substance volatile


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