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  • Internet and Telematics
  • Radio Broadcasting

What has made the new global radio stations possible is that, unlike old-fashioned wireless radio, the new radio stations broadcast their signals not over the airways but down the telephone lines. No costly radio transmitters and relay stations are needed; no licence is required for using the world's precious frequency spectrum. All it demands is a personal computer and a modem at the broadcasting station and, at the listening end, the same plus a pair of loud-speakers.


Global radio is the latest manifestation of the www. The key has been the development of a certain piece of software that allows a digital recording stored on a computer to be transmitted over the Internet and played instantly and continuously as it is received by the listener's computer in real-time.


If you take a local FM station as the standard you will be disappointed with the broadcast quality of streaming audio received via the Web. But you will be favorable impressed if you compare it with a portable shortwave receiver.


web radio: The Translation Bureau recommends in its revised 2013 Linguistic Recommendation that “web” not be capitalized when it is part of a compound, whether the compound is written as two words or one, with or without a hyphen.


  • Internet et télématique
  • Radiodiffusion

radio Web : Le Bureau de la traduction préconise dans sa Recommandation linguistique révisée en 2013 la majuscule initiale lorsque «Web» est employé après un nom qu’il qualifie. Il est toujours invariable.


webradio : Le Bureau de la traduction préconise dans sa Recommandation linguistique révisée en 2013 la minuscule initiale lorsque «web» est utilisé comme préfixe pour former des termes dérivés.


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