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  • Fireproofing
  • Interior Decorations
  • Textiles: Preparation and Processing

Flame retardant refers to materials, usually decorative, which due to chemical treatment or inherent properties do not ignite readily or propagate flaming under small to moderate exposure. It is the preferable term to denote chemicals,processes, paints, or coatings used for the treatment of such materials as fabrics, foliage, Christmas trees and similar items in the class of decorations or furnishings. Flame retardant denotes a lower degree of resistance than fire retardant.


A flame-resistant fabric is defined as one which either will not burn, or will burn so slowly as to allow time to extinguish the flame or discard the burning fabric, and thus obviate severe injury to the wearer. The flame-resistance rating of a fabric is derived from flammability testing and is equal to the time in seconds necessary for the propagation of flame over a distance of one hundred inches in a vertical strip of fabric.


Flame resistant is a term that may be used more or less interchangeably with "flame retardant".


  • Ignifugation
  • Décoration intérieure
  • Apprêt et traitements divers (Textiles)

[...] on s'oriente vers la fabrication de textiles satisfaisant aux tests sévères des laboratoires agréés par le Ministère de l'Intérieur (contrôle de la vitesse de propagation des flammes, du dégagement de gaz toxiques, de l'opacité des fumées) et pouvant ainsi obtenir le label "non-feu" délivré par le Groupement technique des Matières et Produits non inflammables [...] Il faut, à ce propos, distinguer très nettement les textiles non-feu, qui gardent indéfiniment leurs propriétés, des textiles simplement "ignifugés", qui perdent les leurs au bout de trois, quatre ou cinq ans.


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