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  • Seed Plants (Spermatophyta)
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This plant is a member of the rose family [Rosaceae]. It has thin terminal racemes of numerous yellow flowers, five-petaled and rose-like, which eventually mature into little round burrs. The basal leaves resemble somewhat the shape of mustard greens, and are hairy and pinnate. The stem is between 2-3 feet tall and has smaller, irregular leaves that are usually three-parted.


Native of Eurasia, this plant was formerly used in folk-medicine and as a source of a golden yellow dye.

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  • church-steeples
  • cocklebur


  • Plantes à graines (Spermatophyta)
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Plante de la famille des Rosaceae.


[...] plante vivace dont la tige herbacée, cylindrique, dressée, velue et simple peut atteindre 40 à 50 centimètres. Les feuilles, alternes, sont très découpées, à folioles lancéolées, profondement dentées, d'un vert cendré dessous et velues sur les deux faces. Les fleurs [sont] jaunes, groupées en épi terminal [...] Le fruit, membraneux, est renfermé par le calice.


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  • Plantas con semilla (Spermatophyta)
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