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  • Weather Stations and Meteorological Instruments and Equipment
  • Measuring Instruments

An electronic hand-held weather recording device used, for instance, by car racing teams, sailors, farmers, outdoor and weather enthusiasts.


... hand held weather stations take about every weather factor into consideration. ... Very sophisticated ones not only measure weather conditions every second but make E.T. or throttle stop predictions every 4 seconds. A sophisticated drag racing weather station will allow you to store data on as many as 256 previous runs and performs an analysis to give you a prediction based on the weather conditions instantly. It can keep and use separate databases for separate vehicles, tracks, or classes. Some of the really sophisticated stations have a prediction deviation function [which] gives a reliability value of the prediction. It gives you a margin of error based on the information in the database that you chose. Within the last few years, windmeters have been added to the weather station box of tricks.


The Kestrel line of wind meters or anemometers ... in less than 60 seconds, provide the answer to the major spraying season question that haunts producers each morning: "How windy is it?" The Kestrel 1000 ... gives a fast answer to wind speed average and gusts. ... the model 2000 will add temperature and for those really cold days on the sprayer, add wind chill to that list. The 3000 adds humidity, dew point and heat stress index ... . But for an all out weather station you can hold in the palm of your hand, the Kestrel 4000 provides all of this, in addition to wet bulb, altitude, air density and barometric pressure. Most importantly, 250 of these readings can be recorded in the device's memory and later transferred to the farm computer. ... Michael Naughton of Nielsen Keller-man said the company released the 1000 in 1999 with the intention of it being a tool for sailors and outdoor sports and weather enthusiasts. "Farmers are turning out to be a really big part of our business. The 4000 is really popular with them. We were surprised by the demand for little hand-held weather stations," he said.


Not to be confused with "manual (weather) station."

  • hand-held station


  • Stations, instruments et équipements météorologiques
  • Appareils de mesure

Station portative EB312. Petite station météo portative 3 fonctions : prévisions météo par icônes, température ambiante et horloge-calendrier. Idéal pour les activités de plein air : un appareil commode et peu encombrant à mettre dans toutes les poches.


Station météorologique portative. [...] un instrument destiné à faciliter les observations météorologiques dans les excursions de plus en plus fréquentes qu'exécutent les touristes [...] Cet instrument est composé de façon à pouvoir déterminer exactement, en tous lieux, d'une manière commode et prompte, les trois données météorologiques les plus importantes de l'air, savoir : sa pression, sa température et son degré d'humidité. C'est le groupement d'un baromètre, d'un thermomètre, d'un hygromètre et d'une boussole. L'agencement de ces appareils constitue un instrument d'un volume restreint, renfermé dans un étui unique [...]. la Nature, 1874, deuxième semestre, p. 112.


Ne pas confondre avec «station (météo) manuelle».

  • station météorologique portable
  • station portable
  • station météorologique de poche


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