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  • Non-Gov. Provincial Bodies and Committees (Canadian)
  • Nervous System

The BCNF was established in 1984 to respond to the needs of the community. This included individuals with NF, newly diagnosed people, parents of children newly diagnosed, physicians and other concerned individuals such as community agencies, educators and therapists. The BCNF is an active organization, with a key core group of volunteers with a desire to improve the quality of life with those living with NF. The BCNF actively informs our members of the most recent advances in research, we gather information worldwide to assist those with NF make informed decisions about their health. One of The BCNF's objectives is public awareness and to raise money for research in order to assist the medical genetic community gain further knowledge and aid them in their fight to find a cure and support them in finding better treatments for the disabling and disfiguring manisfestations of this disease.


The neurofibromotoses are genetic disorders of the nervous system that primarily affect the development and growth of neural (nerve) cell tissues. These disorders cause tumours to grow on nerves and produce other abnormalities such as skin changes and bone deformities. The neurofibromatoses occur in both gender and in all races and ethnic groups.


  • Organismes et comités provinciaux non gouv. canadiens
  • Système nerveux
  • Fondation de la neurofibromatose de la Colombie-Britannique


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